Welcome! Our Marin Spring session starts the week of March 25th. Registrations is open now for all classes. Click or tap the links below the calendar to register.

We're looking forward to another great session of encouraging children's creativity through technology and tinkering in our most popular classes - TinkerTech Inventors, TinkerTech Invent and Code and TinkerTech Fun with Robots. TinkerTech changes its curriculum each semester so TinkerTech students who are continuing will find new challenges and projects while new students should have no trouble jumping right in!
Need help or more info? Please email hello@tinkertech.me


Larkspur and Corte Madera

Registrations directly with TinkerTech
Neil Cummins - Mondays - Gr 1-2 Inventors and Gr 3-5 TinkerTech Invent and Code
The Cove - Wednesdays - Gr K-2 Inventors and Gr 3-5 TinkerTech Invent and Code


Mill Valley

Registration opens online Monday, Feb 25 online
Edna Maguire - Tuesdays - Kindies (code 49799) and Gr 3-5 (code 49800)
Old Mill - Fridays - Gr 3-5 (code 49840)
Park School - Mondays - Kindies (code 49857) and Gr 1-2 (code 49858)
Strawberry Point Elementary - Thursdays - Kindies (code 49901) , Gr 1-2 (code 49909), and Gr 3-5 (code 49910)
Tam Valley Elementary - Tuesdays - Gr 3-5 (code 49951)
Mill Valley Community Center - Fridays - Ages 4-6 (code 50088) and Ages 8-11 (code 50087)
Use the course codes to register through Mill Valley recreation


San Anselmo

Registrations open online now
Brookside - Thursdays - Gr 1-2 and Gr 3-5
Manor - Tuesdays - Gr 1-2 and Gr 3-5
Hidden Valley - Wednesdays - Gr 1-2 and Gr 3-5
Type keyword TinkerTech to register on San Anselmo recreation



Loma Verde - Wednesdays - TinkerTech Robots Gr 1-3 2:20-3:20pm - first class 4/3
Rancho - Thursdays - TinkerTech Robots - Gr 1-3 3:10-4:10pm - first class 4/4
Registrations through Electivity Kids


TinkerTech classes are also offered at

German International School Silicon Valley
Good Shepherd Lutheran School, Novato
Piedmont Recreation
San Domenico School, San Anselmo
Santa Rosa Community Center

Our classes are tailored to group of students. Sample Class Descriptions for TinkerTech Group Classes: 

Tinkering and Making

TinkerTech Inventors
For Kindergarten to Grade 2

Make a creative project every week in this dynamic and imaginative class. Students explore STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) through TinkerTech’s unique themed activities. Inventing fun and hands-on tinkering for curious kids! Students enjoy project-based learning using a mix of low-tech maker materials and popular edtech tools such as LittleBits, CircuitCubes, Tinkering Labs and Lectrify.
Some take-home projects in this graduating program where students build on skills learned across the year.

TinkerTech Invent and Code
For Grades 3-5

Calling all tinkerers, coders, makers, and budding engineers!
Explore and learn design and engineering skills in this dynamic and creative STEM class. We bring you the tools and materials for your projects - from craft materials, copper tape and leds, to littleBits, CircuitCubes, and micro:bits that you program on Chromebooks. Class adapted to students' interests and level of coding experience. Some take-home projects in this graduating program where students build on skills learned across the year.

TinkerTech Fun with Robots
K-5, adapted curriculum for each grade

What is a robot? How does it work? How are robots used in the world? How can you build one?
Join this class for an introduction to coding and robotics through hands-on learning in a fun and friendly environment.
We will explore a range of robotic activities, including building your own robot designs and learning to program them to do what you want them to do! 

Classes are scheduled in a minimum of 6-week blocks that fit with the school year. Based on a six-week block of one-hour classes, fees are $180 per student for maker classes where we provide materials for take-home projects.

We love teaching STEM and STEAM and are always happy to chat about our classes and students projects! For more information, contact TinkerTech’s Founder Claire Comins hello@tinkertech.me