littleBits and pieces

Crazy days setting up mobile maker classes. With products to test, classes to plan and marketing to create for schools, rec centers and maker faires, weeks fly by in a flurry of online orders and last-minute dashes to Target for duct tape.

But in all the frenzy of creating classes that are a good blend of educational exploration and zany fun, there's one product that hardly touches the maker shelf before it's off to the next class. LittleBits just works. With color coded 'bits' in miniature chocolate sizes that ask to be picked up, it appeals to all ages. A two-minute demo is enough to get kids clicking, and a few easily sourced materials are enough to get them creating.

I had the good fortune to meet littlebits founder Ayah Bdeir a year ago, not realising how much I'd end up loving her product. When I introduce the kits, I always mention that the person who invented this was a woman. It just seems relevant.

Congrats to the littleBits team: here are a few class videos of some of the fun we've had with the product so far:

Three ways to get a littleBits vehicle moving:

Robots vs zombies

The Treat Machine

littleBits jungle 

1st graders discovering littleBits



Claire with Ayah Bdeir in littleBits HQ in New York

Claire with Ayah Bdeir in littleBits HQ in New York