Making anything, step-by-step

The other day on Twitter, an Indian journalist tweeted Ira Glass of This American Life fame. 'Would you write an editorial?' she asked. 'What about?' replied Ira Glass. Anything you like, tweeted the journalist in polite English, 'you can choose any topic'.

I'm sure Ira Glass will have no problem writing about anything that he likes. But when we are told at maker fairs we can make 'anything we like', the choice can be overwhelming. Most people who are new to making probably find it hard to know where to start.

There are basic skills involved with learning to make, some as simple as knowing which way to connect a motor to a battery. Others purely practical, knowing where to buy the tools and materials you need.

But making it such a brilliant way to learn that it just can't be ignored. So this is why I've set up a series of classes for children where they can learn in a group setting about the basic skills through projects. From a treat machine dispensing Cheerios that you can remotely control from your bed, to a zombie crushing wheeled vehicle, the projects at rafiakids are designed to appeal to the furthest reaches of the imagination, which in turn fuels the ideas for making. Especially when it comes to being able to make absolutely anything.

Have a look at the websites and watch the videos. We've been making things with the children at rafiakids since January this year. It's been a lot of fun! Feel free to join us by subscribing to the website or coming along to one of the classes or camps.