Tinkering with Technology

Yay for the #HourofCode, a brilliant and amazing initiative that came from twin brothers Ali and Hadi Partovi who discovered programming when they were kids growing up during the Iran-Iraq war.

The escape they found in coding led them to build companies and start what has become a world-wide event that inspires thousands of children to code each year.

I met Ali Partovi a few years ago when he came to talk about his plans for code.org at the Marin County Office of Education. His inspiring story reminded me of the power of the formative experiences we have as children. Several years on and the education company I founded and run, TinkerTech, now uses code.org curriculum in teaching students from Grades 1-5 to code. The offline classes are great, the online are fun and easy to follow - if you haven't already, head over to code.org and have a look.

Meantime, please follow these links for the programs using robotics, girl-only programs and the open-ended tinkering we use at TinkerTech to make STEM education as real as possible for this new generation of coders and innovators. 


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By Claire Comins, Founder, Kidscontent TinkerTech