A Whole New Year of Making!

Mill Valley Rec held a Community Center Event today and TinkerTech was thrilled to be part of it. We took Brian's new red maker trailer and spin art powered by solar panels we'd made at the reMake Education conference in Sonoma earlier this month. At the craft table, wooden craft stick and brass tack linkages to build and decorate. Children challenged themselves to make the longest linkages which they renamed 'grabbers'. The Circuit Cubes invented by Marin teacher Nate MacDonald kept many small hands busy, especially combined with a box of Legos. Super popular today and coming soon to a Barnes & Noble near you!
It was another sunny day of tinkering in California and a great way to launch the new classes TinkerTech is offering from September - on Mondays for Grades 3-5 at local elementary Edna Maguire, every Wednesday at the Mill Valley Rec Center for TK-8, and at Strawberry Point Elementary on Thursdays.

Mill Valley Course Codes:
#42847 TinkerTech Invent and Code M 3:05-4:05pm 3-5 $310 Tinker Tech 1st Gr. Middle Space (Edna)
#43768 Ages 4-6 #43770 Ages 5-7 #43772 Ages 8-11 TinkerTech Inventors at Community Center Wednesdays  
#43724 Tinker Tech Inventors Th 1:15-2:15pm TK/K $310 Tinker Tech Staff Room (Strawberry Point Elementary)
#43725 Tinker Tech Inventors & Code Th 2:30-3:30pm 3-5 $338 Tinker Tech Staff Room (Strawberry Point Elementary)

Check out the Animoto here and on TinkerTech's YouTube channel