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TinkerTech, an integrated approach to Maker Education

What we offer

TinkerTech one-hour pop-up classes for children ages 5-12 encourage creativity and active hands-on learning. TinkerTech is STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) and works at the intersection of art, science and technology.

The TinkerTech curriculum is founded on design and engineering challenges that encourage creativity and teamwork. We encourage students to have ownership of their ideas, to make with a purpose to create a project that is meaningful to them and to share these projects within their communities.

TinkerTech partners with schools, recreation departments and enrichment providers to bring TinkerTech classes directly to the students, on-site and after-school. TinkerTech has a wide inventory of maker tools and we introduce children to these at developmentally appropriate levels. Based in San Francisco's Bay Area, we are delighted to work with edtech developers and companies producing materials or tools that allow children to explore their natural curiosity and encourage creative thinking. With students ranging in age from Kindergarten to Middle School, we can offer a vigorous test site for new tools and software and can integrate these tools into our curriculum where suitable. Often, schools we work with for enrichment classes invite us to work with their PTA and school community to offer family maker nights or whole school tinkering days.

TinkerTech themes are real-world or fantastical and can be adapted to the age and skill level of the class. Teachers enjoy using these themes because they make classes quick to start and take the activity beyond the ‘making it work’ level. While they build their projects, students are also building their own stories about them, making TinkerTech a truly cross-curricula STEAM class. We see daily how STEAM activity connects people through their making and encourages imagination, creativity and team-work. This powerful combination is great preparation for the kind of creative thinking and problem-solving needed in any good school or working environment. 

TinkerTech has a licensed curriculum of copyrighted activities that align to US and UK education standards and is seeking partners who want to share our passion for inspiring this generation of digital natives. When students have the confidence to tinker and use technology creatively, they are one step closer to becoming the next generation of innovators and inventors.

Find out about how you can bring TinkerTech activities to your school through classes or community events. Contact us by email hello@tinkertech.me