Introducing TinkerTech's Coding teachers for Swift


Star teachers for our new series of TinkerTech Be A Coder! series are Harald and Lucas Batista.

Interview with Harald and Lucas by TinkerTech Founder Claire Comins (CC) here.

CC: Why are you excited to be teaching Swift Playgrounds?

HB: Ilumina Tech's mission is to make it as easy as possible to learn Coding. We firmly believe that coding needs to be everyone's second language. Our focus is on the Swift Programming language, which we also believe is the easiest and most powerful language as of today. Swift Playgrounds was created by Apple Computers, to make learning programming fun and easy. We agree with their assessment. 

CC: What is your own experience learning to code/ teaching children to code?

HB: Ilumina Tech is starting a brand new program based on Swift Playgrounds, which replaces a former way of teaching. Initial results with students in Minnesota have been very well received, and our goal is to build on that successful start. 

I personally have taught over 6000 students in 20 countries in 5 languages on several topics, and am very excited to use Swift Playground as a new form of teaching anyone how to easily and quickly learn to program. 

CC: What is your involvement with Apple?

HB: Apple was my software client for 8 years, and we have created Swift Playgrounds for the Brazilian market. The software has been translated into Portuguese in order to make it accessible to the Brazilian market. 

CC: Harald, what career path has led you to setting up Illumina Tech?

HB: I have worked in the past 25 years in the High Tech industry, having started as a programmer at IBM in 1992. Ilumina Tech is the culmination of 25 years of professional programming and 9 years of professional training S&P 500 companies. 

CC: What can the children hope to learn in this class and where might the introduction take them?

HB: Children can hope to be exposed to programming in a fun and entertaining way. Two of my daughters were turned off in high-school from computer science, because it was taught in a very geeky way. Our goal is to get kids excited about programming, as well as get them proficient in a way that has a true impact on their lives. 

CC: How does this program help chart the students progress?

HB: Swift Playgrounds itself assesses the students progress. Like Khan Academy, the student learns from making mistakes and experimenting with the code. Students can only pass or fail. The only way to complete the whole game is passing all the stages. 

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