Star Wars bots

TinkerTech was created in Marin, moments away from the place where Star Wars was invented. Fans are everywhere here, in all shapes and forms. Here's a motorized tribute to our favorite bot of all, R2D2. 

To make your own R2D2, you will need:

an empty plastic bottle
a battery pack and two AA batteries
a small DC hobby toy motor
a glue stick cut in half
glue dots
strong tape
this papercraft print-out from Disney

time needed: 1 hour

1. Cut out your papercraft body, then cut your bottle to the right height so it fits around the bottle. 
2. Wire up your motor by threading the wire from the positive side of your battery (red) to the positive side of the motor. Repeat with the negative. Switch it on and test. 
3. Fix the battery pack inside the bottle with the ON switch so you can reach it easily. Cut a hole for the motor to push through so when the glue stick propeller is attached, it has room to move. Push the pin from the motor onto the glue stick. Test it.
4. Glue the R2D2 body round the bottle. Add the legs and dome head.
4. Switch on the battery and see R2D2 spin. Pens make good 'legs' if you want him to draw as he moves.