Welcome to TinkerTech

Kids learn so much through hands-on maker and coding projects but it can be hard to find the right projects quickly, let alone gather all the materials you need in one place.

I set up TinkerTech to do the hard work for you, creating a program of fun maker activities and coding challenges that get children creating and inventing quickly. These projects are delivered through TinkerTech's classes in San Francisco's Bay Area and across the States through a curriculum that is licensed out to nurseries, schools and directly to educators setting up their own TinkerTech after-school enrichment classes. 

TinkerTech projects are created by a team of maker educators. We use a mix of simple maker materials (card, copper tape and leds) and edtech tools. Through hands-on design and engineering challenges, students learn to make, code, problem-solve and collaborate. These fun activities give children confidence in their creative ideas, encouraging creative thinking and set them on their way to be the innovators of tomorrow.

Where does the name TinkerTech from? Listening to our audience of educators, parents and students! We're all about encouraging creativity through curiosity and tinkering summarises that process perfectly. Technology is what we all use to help us make and share those great projects. Exploring how to use these tools is fun. Knowing how they are built and understanding how they work is the key to creating the tools of the future. Check out the new TinkerTech logo - the two Ts are for Tinker and Tech; the big and small gears are to symbolize the many partnerships we seek to create through our community classes - between teacher and student, TinkerTech families and the enrichment programs we partner with. The strength is in the combination!



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TinkerTech founder

Claire Comins brings together her experience editing educational magazines at the BBC and teaching maker and coding in Marin County, California to create TinkerTech, a program of classes and curriculum of fun themed STEM maker and coding activities that can be adapted for students ages 3 to 12.