TinkerTech class activities can be adapted for whole school tinkering days and community events

TinkerTech class activities can be adapted for whole school tinkering days and community events

From parents of TinkerTech students

My children absolutely LOVE Tinker Tech. They started in Kindergarten and have loved learning to build and code and make their creations come to life. It teaches them technology in a way that I couldn’t do on my own at home and reminds them that building from scratch is satisfying and full of fun! Highly recommend this program!

Ashley, parent of Kindergarten and 3rd grade TinkerTech students

My daughter LOVES this class so very much. The class content, the teachers, the attitude of her fellow students - everything! I have signed her up over the years for a lot of things (you know the drill) and I think I can say this one is currently topping the favorites list.

Mom of 11-year-old TinkerTech student

 Maya (9 year old) was particularly intrigued and inspired by the stop motion animation and has been at it at home ever since, thinking through story lines and moving characters around settings in the house. We love love love this program and the challenging curriculum it offers.

Britta, parent of 4th grade TinkerTech student

From TinkerTech students

TinkerTech is my favorite class because I can make what I want. I like to build electric vehicles and launchers. I think the class should be longer to give me more time - I want everything we create to be electric!

Oliver, 1st-2nd grade TinkerTech student

From schools using TinkerTech curriculum

Our preschoolers LOVE Tinker Tech and are always excited when Friday arrives! Claire Comins has created a fun, accessible and engaging STEAM curriculum. It gives our preschoolers exposure to new materials, new tools, new techniques, and new concepts that encourage hands-on learning and fun. It also inspires our children to see themselves as scientists, architects, creators, artists, and makers.

Even our littlest makers (3.5 years old) love the hands-on introduction to circuitry and electronics brought to life by adding a LED light. The variety of fun materials from cardboards and laser cut wood, to copper tape, and batteries make the child want to experiment, design and assemble. It helps build their curiosity as well as develop their creative confidence and critical thinking. They are so proud of their take-home projects.

Natalie Quinan - Head-Teacher of Enrichment Programs, Montessori School of Central Marin

From PTAs and schools we work with to offer events

The sparkle in the eyes of kids playing at the TinkerTech table, the confidence in their creative ability and their process to complete the project, the collaboration with other students and the respect they received from the teacher—all this and more embodies Claire’s genius she shared with us at Wade Thomas STEAMFest.

Anya Bosina, STEMFest organizer, Wade Thomas Elementary, San Anselmo, Marin County